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NEXFINITY Digital Press

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Optimize productivity and profit across your entire operation with KODAK NEXFINITY Digital Press. NEXFINITY's high-resolution writing system and new screening algorithms tighten control of dot sharpness, boosting quality and consistency over long runs.

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The NEXFINITY Digital Press features a new writing system that quadruples the density of information being imaged – to 1200 dpi by 256 exposure levels. The result: consistent outstanding detail in highlights and shadows. Ongoing image correction maintains uniformity at high levels too – for running costs that compete with medium-run offset litho.

Direct mail. Commercial print. Publishing. Packaging. Photo applications. The NEXFINITY Press will breeze through it all. It supports sheet lengths up to 48 in./1219 mm and thick media (up to 24 pt paper and 14 mil synthetic), so you can take on a wider range of jobs and open your door to new business.

The NEXFINITY Press delivers photo-quality images that surpass offset. Expect vibrant colors and consistent spot color matching, smooth flat fields and gradients. It also delivers denser blacks while maintaining superb detail and highlights, and it has the unique ability to match ink gloss level to the substrate being printed.

A fully modular design allows you to easily expand as your business evolves, with a broad range of input, output and finishing options that boost both efficiency and opportunity. With an average press life that exceeds six years, you’ll also benefit from a continuous stream of software, feature and quality upgrades that improve your NEXFINITY Press over time.

The unique technology in Kodak’s digital sheet-fed presses drives efficiency and opportunity, no matter the application. So you can control your costs and reduce your risk. Get ready for maximum profitability as your business grows.

Kodak's award-winning Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions let you customize your press in minutes, so you can enhance your customers' high-value communications with unique imaging effects. Unlike rival presses, NEXFINITY effects are so quick and easy you'll actually use them.

The powerful KODAK Digital Front End combines proprietary hardware, a high-end computer with RAID storage and leading-edge software to handle complex work such as photo services, high-end direct mail, and demanding variable data jobs – without slowing the press.

Thanks to the easy-to-switch Operator Replaceable Components and the NexPert operator support system, the operator can perform 90% of press maintenance. So your team is empowered to control quality, productivity and costs, and to manage service schedules and maximize uptime.

Our HD Dry inks contain no volatile organic compounds and don't pose a hazard to employees. There's no need for masks and suits when cleaning up.

The NEXFINITY Press's built-in Environment Control System maintains the temperature and moisture automatically, so the press can run in any environment inside a print shop.

Tính năng

The Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions are designed to be easy to swap in and out. No mask, no learning and no contamination risk.

Cấu hình
Thông số kỹ thuật

Technical Specifications

Printing rate
(single sided 4/0 or 5/0)

Standard feeder
(sheets per hour)

Optional feeder
(sheets per hour)

A4 / 8.5 X 11 in. / Legal

7200 (120 ppm)

9120 (152 ppm)1

A3 / 11 X 17 in.



356 x 520 mm /
14 x 20.47 in.



356 x 660 mm /
14 x 26 in.



356 x 1000 mm /
14 x 39.37 in.



356 x 1219 mm /
14 x 48 in.



Maximum sheet size

356 x 520 mm
(14 x 20.47 in.)

356 x 1219 mm
(14 x 48 in.)

Minimum sheet size

266 x 200 mm
(10.47 x 7.9 in.)

279 x 200 mm
(10.47 x 9.5 in.)

Maximum imageable area2

340 x 510 mm
(13.4 x 20 in.)

340 x 1209 mm
(13.4 x 47.61 in.)

General Specifications

Base configuration

  • 5-color print engine
  • 4 standard feeders with total capacity of 11,000 sheets3
  • 1 high-capacity delivery with total capacity of 50003
  • KODAK Digital Front End
  • KODAK Light Black HD Dry Ink in Fifth Unit Station
  • Standard paper feeding up to 520 mm / 20.47 in. paper length

Imaging technology

Dry electrophotography, 1200 dpi, multi-bit (up to 8-bit with 256 levels of exposure per LED)


Paper: uncoated, matte coated, glossy coated, cast coated and textured, wood free and recycled, including a wide selection of standard offset papers
Special substrates: uncoated, matte coated, glossy coated labels; paper-backed transparencies; magnetic; photo book paper; synthetics; pre-perforated and scored specialty stocks

Substrate weight

Standard: 60 to 457 g/m2 uncoated in internal supplies; 80 to 457 g/m2 coated in internal supplies
Optional Long Sheet Feeder: up to 530 g/m2

Paper feeding

Two 1000-sheet feeders, each with 100 mm (4 in.) pile height3
Two 4500-sheet feeders, each with 450 mm (18 in.) pile height3
Optional: up to 24 PT / 610 microns on select substrates

Paper delivery

High-capacity delivery: Total capacity of 5000 sheets / 500 mm (19.5 in.) pile height3
Proof delivery of 500 sheets / 50 mm (2 in.) pile height3
Paper cart
Optional: Multigraf Long Sheet Delivery for sheets up to 1 meter long

Dimensions: base configuration

L x W x H: 6045 x 2032 x 1778 mm (19 ft. 10 in. x 6 ft. 8 in. x 5 ft. 10 in.)

Weight: base configuration

3,873 kg (8,538 lb.)

Modular options / accessories

KODAK Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions:

  • KODAK Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution
  • KODAK Intelligent Color Solution, gamut expansion (choice of red, green, or blue)
  • KODAK Intelligent Glossing Solution
  • KODAK MICR Solution4
  • KODAK Light Black HD Dry Ink
  • KODAK Red Fluorescing Dry Ink
  • KODAK Gold Dry Ink
  • KODAK Clear Dry Ink
  • KODAK Opaque White Dry Ink
  • Matte Finish Option
  • KODAK Glossing Unit for Intelligent Glossing Solution
  • In-line UV Coating Solution
  • Additional high-capacity delivery
  • Additional paper cart
  • In-line finishing via a variety of devices via the Open Output option
    Required for sheets longer than 520 mm (20.47 in):
  • Sheet feeder for sheets up to 1000 mm (39.37 in) — 6,350 sheets / 635 mm (25 in) pile height3
  • Roll feeder for sheets up to 660 mm (26 in) — up to 60,000 pages as a fifth paper supply

1When printing 3-up letter or A4 images on a 26”/660 mm long sheet. 152 ppm planned availability 8/2020.
2A larger maximum imageable area is available for some applications with customization. With customization, maximum image area is 340 x 512 mm (13.4 x 20.15 in.) with the Standard feeder, and 340 x 991 mm (13.4 x 39.03 in.) with the Optional feeder.
3Capacity measured with 100 g/m2 paper.
483 ppm presses require a speed upgrade to 100 ppm.

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