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Optimize productivity and profit across your entire operation with KODAK NEXFINITY Digital Press. NEXFINITY's high-resolution writing system and new screening algorithms tighten control of dot sharpness, boosting quality and consistency over long runs.

The KODAK PROSPER Imprinting Systems bring offset class reliability, productivity, cost of ownership, and image quality—so you can easily integrate into existing web press production processes.

KODAK PROSPER Presses give you confidence to proactively respond to the challenges of today’s market and seize new opportunities. Kodak’s proprietary Stream Inkjet Technology blends the productivity of offset with the versatility of digital. Three PROSPER 6000 Press models—the 6000C, 6000P and 6000S—feature an array of intelligent built-in components that optimize output quality while they print, setting new industry standards for quality and productivity across a range of applications – all at a very low cost per page.

The UTECO Sapphire EVO M Press is the first ever high-speed production inkjet for flexible packaging print, creating high-quality packaging imagery, using water-based inks, on substrates ranging from paper to film.

New KODAK PROSPER Plus Imprinting Systems enable offset, flexo and gravure printers to integrate the power of digital print within existing pressroom and finishing operations. Available in both narrow and wide configurations, versatile PROSPER Plus Systems are ideal for imprinting monochrome or four-color content on a wide range of substrates and applications.

With excellent registration at speeds of up to 1,000 fpm (305 mpm) and lower acquisition costs, the KODAK VERSAMARK DS5220 and DS5222 Printing Systems allow you to quickly meet demanding customer requirements while increasing your profit per page. You can meet addressing needs inhouse and impress customers with crisp, letter-quality character definition in a range of fonts.

The KODAK VERSAMARK DS5640 and DS5650 Printing Systems combine high-quality printing capabilities with robust duty cycles, meeting your needs quickly and efficiently.

The reliable printhead and effective system controller of the KODAK VERSAMARK DS6240 Printing System, gives you a competitive edge in the Addressing market.

Faster running speed, lower operating costs and unseen flexibility to meet complex customer demands without compromising quality, reliability or consistency - whatever the label or volume.

For larger sized labels, labels requiring opaque white or extended gamut the Xeikon CX500 outperforms all high-quality digital label presses in terms of productivity.

A variable web width from 250 mm to 516 mm (9.8” - 20.3”) means there is basically no size limit to what this digital marvel can do.

As our flagship wide web label press, the Xeikon 3500 enables shorter runs, faster delivery times and more complex customer demands at top speeds for widths up to 516 mm (20.3 inches).

The Xeikon 9800 comes as part of a complete solution. Toner, print media, converting equipment and the digital front-end build a Document Production Suite, together with the press itself. Better even, you’ll be able to customize it your specific goals and workflows.

The Xeikon 9600 comes as part of a complete Document Printing Suite, which combines toners, print media, the digital front-end, the press itself and converting equipment like unwinders and stackers. This, however, is not a fixed set-up: you can customize it to how you work, and what you’re aiming for.

Getting a digital press is one thing; to make you get the most out of it we have designed different complete document printing set-ups: together with converting equipment, toner, print media and the digital front-end you get what we call a Suite: a complete solution you can fully customize to how you work. 

The Kern 686 is a modular and expandable inserting system for processing of single sheets up to size A3, and up to 3 enclosures. Suited to lower to mid-range distribution volumes.

The Kern 1600 impresses with its high degree of flexibility, fast changeover times, exceptional reliability and straightforward operation. It is suited for use in the transactional and direct marketing markets, as well as in lettershops. The system closes the gap in our portfolio between the Kern 605 series and the Kern 2600

The Kern 1600 continuous feed is fast, simple, versatile and flexible in its professional application potential. This flexible multi format inserting system is the ideal investment for the medium performance range.

Efficient input modules: The Kern 2600 continuous and single sheet input modules are designed based on the requirements of modern production. The flexible Kern 2600 inserting system can be operated as both single channel and multi-channel system. Semi-automated processes guarantee short changeover times.


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